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Metal4God6 years ago
hey man, i was wondering, are the Jackson JS series any good? they are the 300 dollar ones (US currency) i want to get the rhodes one, and have it in droped C and get another one of the rhodes one and have it in D standard, cause i can only put my Jackson in standard (i really dont wanna re set a tremolo) see i LOVE BFMV, and most of their songs are in D standard or Droped C i also like Children of Bodom, they are also in D standard or dropped C so right me back with ur answer, ttyl
Danny (author)  Metal4God5 years ago
If you want to tune your guitar to different tunings, especially drop C then i would reccomend one with a fixed bridge, because unless you are good with setting up flyod rose bridges then you will have trouble keeping the bridge raised, go for a fixed bridge guitar. And I would suggest Ibanez for playing Bodom and Bfmv or even schetcher.
millions5 years ago
hey dude y did u take the sniper rifle off
DJ Radio6 years ago
hey danny, happy 1 year and 362 days b-day!!!!!!
Metal4God7 years ago
dude i changed my pic to none other but Zakk wylde!
Danny (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
Metal4God Danny7 years ago
Danny (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
it means good for you, commonly mistaken as "go f**k yourself"
Metal4God Danny7 years ago
ha ha ha ha ROTL LOL
soooo i for got the F aka rotflol
I know I was joking
join my group
Metal4God7 years ago
(\__/) (+'.'+) Like bunny he is so cute unlike you danny (")_(")
Danny (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
um this means war!! e_e