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March 9, 2008
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  • Dark Solar commented on Vasugan's instructable Homemade bike 1 day ago
    Homemade bike

    I like the bending jig; what are you doing that keeps the square tubing from undergoing inward deformation at the interior radii?

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  • Live Off the Land : Survive With Edible Weeds

    Nice!! While this info isn't much good for us temperate-zone dwellers, it's great for anyone whom is lucky enough to have banana and coconut palms (yes, I'm jealous). Two thumbs up. :DFor those of you whom are considering eating this type of nightshade: the safe kind produces berries in clusters while the deadly kind produces single berries. That said, it's probably a wise idea to look up both and get a direct look at them.

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  • Dark Solar commented on DuralM's instructable Brass Casting - Got Nice Ingot1 month ago
    Brass Casting - Got Nice Ingot

    If you can secure a coal (ideally anthracite) supply, coking it is easy enough --the process is similar to making charcoal via distillation method. Alternately, you can start a coal fire in a container and when the coal you can see on top of the fire turns white, dump the whole mess into a tub of water. Give it a rinse and once it dries out, you'll have a good grade of coke. Or, you could take the lazy path and just get a lid for your crucible. ; )About the author's mention of charcoal briquettes; they do win out over lump charcoal in terms of ease of acquisition but they also produce much, much more ash relative to volume consumed, have the potential clog your furnace mid-run and to produce slag (coke and coal are much worse when it comes to clogs/clinkers) at brass melting temps due to the presence of clay binders used to hold the briquettes together. Long story short, all four fuels will do the job with minor variations in what you'll need to do while the furnace is running so it's going to come down to a judgment call on your part. Good luck and happy casting!! :D

    Second the propane/LNG option!! Sure it's a little costly but it's also super-clean, has fairly low sulfur contamination risk and you get to have the fun of building a burner (Ron Reil's Mongo burner is a pretty good example) that can melt everything from pot metal to cast iron! :D

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  • Crossbow - Cross Country Ski Bow, if you prefer

    It's hard to tell from the pictures; what was the original width of the skis and the final width of the bow limbs? I definitely like the water bucket as a fast-and-dirty, mostly self-managing tillering machine *squirrels away info for later exploit*.

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  • Dark Solar commented on JenniferBerry's instructable Urine Tanned Salmon Leather3 months ago
    Urine Tanned Salmon Leather

    Not sure when I'll ever have an opportunity to tan a salmon hide, but definitely filing this away just in case. One question: could you re-create the tanning solution with distilled water, 1-0-0 fertilizer, and clear ammonia?

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  • Assemble a HHO Mini Torch from plumbing parts

    Wait...I thought Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate... Now I'm confused. \: l

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