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Dec. 13, 2008
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I love making stuff, or should I say, invent stuff, because most of the time my inventions end up not being built. I did build a few things though, but they were never solid enough to last. If I build my inventions after all, I'll build a steam engine or two, maybe some automata, not to mention the tons of mad science experiments I want to do. B...
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  • Darkknarf commented on Toffee-Chan's instructable Bioshock Infinite: Undertow Vigor1 month ago
    Bioshock Infinite: Undertow Vigor

    Thanks a lot for the instructable ! I did a few things differently but took most of the techniques you used. I didn't have silver-colored Sculpey so I just used some leftover pink one I had lying around and painted it with leftover metallic paint I used for a model some time ago. I also opted for "hals susages" of clay instead of a big plate so it would have more volume. Anyway thanks a lot!

    Oops I meant half sausages, a prompt was put over the textbox as I typed so couldn't proofread

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