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Heh.. I changed my icon.... XD
Darkshot (author)  judelizowski6 years ago
noticed that :) and thx for the email xD
yo darkshot check out my new instructables!!
Darkshot (author)  judelizowski6 years ago
hey man how you been? havent talked to ya in a while :)
Hey man!! wazup? sorry i havent been on... been busy with school, and the holidays.... ya know what i mean? any way im working on a new instructable so ya......cya
Metal4God7 years ago
weren't you band and weren't you t-man
Darkshot (author)  Metal4God7 years ago
ok first of all...who are you? second of all.....its spelled BANED WITH A E and third of i wasnt baned and fourth of all i read a few of your comments to see if we said stuff to eachother like "hi" or whatnot and do you HUNT people down or whatever? i mean half the comments had "weren't you (name) and didnt you get baned?" what are you a freakin instructables not comment to me again please
well i saw a nother member that was banned and had your avatar!
Darkshot (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
didnt i say dont comment to me again.... -.- READ! AND YES I ADMIT I STOLE HIS AVATAR!!!
i saw that you said that LOL
Darkshot (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
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Darkshot (author)  DELETED_Nicker9877 years ago
i tryed both of those =/ radioshack is too expensive and harbor freight doesnt have alot of robot parts but my dad says he knows this place thaats kinda far away with cheap parts
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Darkshot (author)  DELETED_Nicker9877 years ago
what harbor freight and radioshack?, if so yes, radioshack-HELL YES and harbor frieght- idk :0?