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  • Turn Your Old 2.5'' Or 3.5'' Hard Drive Into Portable

    I've found modern 3.5" drives to be fine. I'm running a 4Tb one right now with no problems.

    right click on the windows button (bottom left)select Disk ManagementRight click on your drive and select to change the drive letter. If this is your problem, it should now appear on the File Manager.

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  • DaveB101 commented on DannyMcMurray's instructable Marauder's Map FULL SIZE Replica2 months ago
    Marauder's Map FULL SIZE Replica

    I wonder if you could do it with some e-ink technology and GPS locators for the actors?I might have to look into that...

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  • DaveB101 commented on randofo's instructable Arduino Ethernet Shield Tutorial4 months ago
    Arduino Ethernet Shield Tutorial

    The Arduino shield and the computer both have the same RJ45 connections. That is, the send and receive pins are on the same pin for both sender and receiver. If you connect them directly with a cable, the send pins match up and the receive pins match up and therefore you get no communications. You either need an Ethernet hub/switch or a cross over cable that crosses over the Send and Receive pins. The hub/switch is definetly the easiest way to go and you can pick them up cheaply from amazon.

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