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  • How to salvage a DVD Drive For Free Parts

    Very Nice.. Good Job. I'm glad I read this.. Who doesnt have a dozen old useless dvd drives in there work shop. I actually had a crate perfect parts source for Arduino experimenting.. Miniature animatronics, modeling, prototyping in miniature.. fantastic..

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  • Magnetic Wireless Charging Hack To Any Smartphone For Free !!!

    The good thing is the initiative to do the job and to get it to work. You thought out an idea but you didnt take enough thought to consider the dangers. You should have considered the potential for a short and implamented safety solutions. The hard part you achieved and thats the key. I'm sure you will consider this in your next project. I agree however that you shouldnt call it wireless because its not. Assuming you may one day try and invent things the name would kill the option in this case. It could also cost you a fortune in bad press and returns. People would feel duped..

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