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  • How to Unclog a Blocked Toilet Without a Plunger

    I know akichiro's issue is 5 months old now, but replying for those who are still having issues. Please try this idea first of dish soap and hot water, it will solve "most" of the clog problems out there and it's much cheaper/easier. If this does not work after several attempts, then you may have to pull the toilet due to an object actually stuck in the toilet (like the issue I am having). My water goes down, but only 50% as fast as it used to. I know something is stuck.

    I did the same thing with dish soap and hot water quite a few number of times. I now know it's not a dissolvable clog and probably something the kids dropped in the toilet. At least this idea is much cheaper/easier and worth a try first before getting your hands "dirty", and once I find the object it will be cleaner than it was before :)

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