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  • DaveyB4 commented on Super_seal's instructable Customize your Converse- Spirited Away2 years ago
    Customize your Converse- Spirited Away

    I am doing a pair of white, low top Cons. I am really wondering if I use a Black Fine-tip Sharpie, will it 'run' when I spray it lightly with the 'varnish/finish'? I am doing these for a paid order and sure hate to have to replace the shoes. So looking forward to your answer!! The above shoes are awesome. ;)

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  • DaveyB4 commented on kiffakitty's instructable Personalize Shoes with Acrylic2 years ago
    Personalize Shoes with Acrylic

    I have painted on shoes and was very happy with the way they turned out. Now, I have a pair of white Cons, low tops to paint and I want to make SURE that you can really use Sharpies for fine detailing as the area to paint is so small. Won't they run when you use the 'spray varnish finish'? I am doing these shoes for a paid order and don't want to end up replacing the shoes. I need anyone that has used Sharpie's and their advice, real quick!! The shoes are a Christmas present. Thanks!!

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