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  • Ambilight without Arduino for non addressable RGB leds

    hey i im a real noob and i love your tutorial, but im new with this stuff, so its a little bit complicated for me, i got a led strip like on your first picture...mine are conrtrolled over a little box with a IR controll and a extern power are a picture:my question ishow can i manage to connect the dvi from the gpu too it?where?can i just solder the red,blue or green and the black from dvi to the machting colors?or do i need a fotogene inbetween? if its not possible i will use these leds for your projects...but i would be cool because it has external powersupply and is already plug and play..thanks

    thx im not sure ... i got the same stripes like in the main picture they have 4 pins.. how can i find out if they are anode or cathode?i made a better picture of the chip and the leds..i found this here: the guy used the board and the power of the original controller..i would like to combine your method with the the one from the link...would it be possible like thispc dvi signal ----> breadboard with Optocoupler and resistor --->board with power supply (old controller) ----> LED out

    sorry i couldnt post the link so here are some pictures of the other tutorial...

    really great project, but i would like to add some resistors how can i add them this is one of my first projects so im total noob with this kind of stuff

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