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  • DavidE76 commented on amandaghassaei's instructable Beginner Arduino2 years ago
    Beginner Arduino

    Wow, RIGHT after I posted my last comment I moved a wire to right next to the LED and it started blinking right away. I was not expecting that. I guess I still don't understand everything about how the breadboard works but I think I'm getting it. I didn't think the placement really matter but I can see how it does when everything is acting together.Btw, I also removed the positive wire from the first example when doing Step 5. On to Step 6!

    Hi, thanks for this! First time for me ever doing anything like this. I got the LED to light up on the first try which was a huge relief. Now I am stuck on step 5. It looks like the image in step actually contains a button. Is this the correct diagram for step 5?Also on step 5, are there any other steps need to upload the code to the Arduino rather than just hitting the upload button? I am troubleshooting and went to Tools and selected a port but I'm just shooting in the dark. Either my code isn't uploading or my components aren't set correctly. Any clarification would be appreciated!

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  • Arduino (SPI) 7 Bi-color LED Matrix Scrolling Text Display

    This is awesome. Is it possible, and easy, to display static text? Or have an easy way to switch between scrolling text and static text? Thanks!

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