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  • Programming the ESP8266 WeMos-D1R2 using Arduino software/IDE

    Couldn't find a pin 13 listed in any of the program lines under file/examples/basics/blink, DID find it under file/examples/digital/blink without delay, changed the pin number 13 to a 14, uploaded it and got an onboard led to blink. Little errors in instruction and programming could easily cause my noob self to chuck the board as a bricked unit. Although I do agree that experience is what you get when things go wrong. Seems like when you select the wemos d1 board in board manager...then it should load up the sketch examples for that specific board....especially allowing for the different from UNO pinouts and onboard led locations. Oh it is time to try some 8266 wifi stuff...glutton fpr punishment here! Thank you for this really did help over all.

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