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  • 3D Printing Filament Drying Chamber

    My thoughts were correct. This did not dry out nylon, ABS, PETG etc etc. It will only preserve it nicely if it HAS NOT become hygroscopic. Instead of using the small 5 gallon as recommended in this project and the taulman link, I decided to go with this: only $10 each I bought 3=$30 and put a single 60watt bulb inside it. I can hold 12 large rolls of filament easily and up to 20 rolls of smaller filaments. With the 60watt light bulb adding heat, it dries out all of the filament within 48 hours.

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  • DavidL465 made the instructable 3D Printing Filament Drying Chamber1 year ago
    3D Printing Filament Drying Chamber

    I made it. It's been sitting for 36 hours now and hasn't made any noticeable change in the filament drying. I have two rolls of Taulman nylon in it, and one roll of PETG, I'll update after 10 days. I hypothesize that it will not dry the filament, rather it will only preserve the existing condition (preventing further absorption)...but we'll see. I'm also making this , which dries the filament overnight, then placing it inside one of these buckets to preserve them. Not sure why the images rotated upside down each time I uploaded...

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