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  • DavidR165 commented on Creativity Buzz's instructable Bicycle Mobile Charger4 weeks ago
    Bicycle Mobile Charger

    Many years ago I had a bike with a purpose-built dynamo (6V @ 3A, AC). I rigged it with rectifiers and a three-way switch so I could charge up my lights during the day and have them good and bright, even when I stopped at junctions. This was a long time ago - before LED lights - so batteries for normal bike lights never lasted long.But after running fine for about three months I suddenly had a blow-out. The dynamo had worn through the tire sidewall.

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  • DavidR165 commented on Creativity Buzz's instructable Homework Writing Machine6 weeks ago
    Homework Writing Machine

    In fact it was one of these:

    About 35 years ago, I had a commercial one of these - made by Brother, the typewriter people - it was basically a typewriter that used small ballpoint pens to draw the letters, and if I remember correctly, it could change font sizes (but not the font itself). It could also draw simple bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, etc. But after a few years it was impossible to find refills for the pens (this was pre-internet!)So well done for making a more usable version :-D

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  • DavidR165 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw2 months ago
    5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw

    Any easy way to do this with a slotted screw apart from making a new slot like your Step 4? I had one where the head had broke in half. I tried drilling a hole for a screw extractor but it just disintegrated leaving a little stump sticking out. Luckily I didn't need to reuse the same screw hole so I used a 'Manchester screwdriver' (aka a hammer) to bury the stump into the wood.

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  • DavidR165 commented on MissionSRX's instructable Rabbet Plane From Bench Chisel3 months ago
    Rabbet Plane From Bench Chisel

    This is a really good idea. I wonder if it would be possible to make it adjustable, so you could use chisels of different widths? So instead of gluing it together you could bolt it. And use a different thickness of wood for the sole part to match each chisel?

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  • Make a Paper Transforming Geode Cube - Design and Template

    There is a modular origami version of this by an English man called David Brill - a 'double-star flexicube' - makes two of these which can nest inside each other - which I guess you could do with this also.

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  • DavidR165 commented on MiiBooth's instructable Make your own charcoal at home (Video)1 year ago
    Make your own charcoal at home (Video)

    You can make 'char-cloth' in the same way. Char-cloth is like charcoal, but made out of cotton cloth - like a piece of old jeans fabric, or an old cotton t-shirt. It's great for lighting fires in survival-type situations. You can get a great big hot ember easily from a spark or a magnifying glass.

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