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  • DavidW372 commented on jetpackbraggin's instructable Thor: The Dark World Mjolnir2 years ago
    Thor: The Dark World Mjolnir

    Are you casting from the Disquise hammer or a resin cast? I want to do a TtDW handle to replace the BS plastic one and then fill it with a sand foam mix from the hardware followed by a nice coat of spray paint. You can find resin casts of the accents easily enough on Etsy. I just want it to have enough weight to actually stand sideways! Now other woute you can always take is by just going to the hardware or medical supply and getting a rubber stopper for a cane and painting it to match and it would look like the one from Avengers.

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  • DavidW372 commented on tutdude98's instructable Print on non-printable cd/dvd2 years ago
    Print on non-printable cd/dvd

    Regardless what you're adhering, for long term holds which you don't want any acidic residue a glue called PVA does the trick. Each bottle is pricey and you have to water it down then brush it on similar to rubber cement. If you have data that you need archived though DVD's do break down over time as well. Getting an external SSDHD is the most sure way to keep your data preserved or even (believe it or not) in a cloud permanently.

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