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  • DeanB25 commented on 11010010110's instructable Mod light fixture to low watt PL2 years ago
    Mod light fixture to low watt PL

    ''only 120 VOLTS ac'' will kill you DEAD.the typical service to your dorm room lighting circuit is 20 amps at 120 volts. AT MINIMUM it would be 15 amps, it only takes 1 tenth of ONE amp to stop a human heart at 120 volts. If it goes through your body in a certain way to hit your nerves that control the heart is the stickler, were usually lucky when it doesnt get ya.I'm an industrial electrician, have brushed up against 277 volts with the back of one hand, and let me tell ya, the WORST i've ever felt was working on a light switch in a house at 120 volts.

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