• 10 year Led Flasher (Version 2 with boost converter)

    Thanks for the great starter. I used it with slight modifications to create some free form electrical sculpture.I replaced the transistor with a mosfet TN0702N3-G Description MOSFET N-CH 20V 530MA TO92-3 because I have bad luck with transistors and I hoped to reduce the current a little more. In the circuit R2 became 10K and R3 became 0 ohms (shorted). One less component to build in. Since the mosfet is a voltage controlled device and not a current we don't need to limit the current. You might be able to see all the components in the first 2 pictures that show the free form assembly method. All the components except the transformer, battery, switch and LEDs on the secondary are soldered around the chip.My transformer was hand made. I started with PN B64290L632X35 Description FERRITE CORE TOROID 5UH T35 and wound about 5 feet of primary and 25 feet of secondary onto it. This was done by making 3 loops 5 feet long, twisting the three loops together to form 1 strand and then wrapping the toroid. Then the ends of the loops were cut. This creates 6 wires wrapped around the toroid. 1 was used as the primary while the other 5 were soldered together to make the secondary. You can see a picture of the bare toroid. In another picture the finished transformer forms the hair / hat on the art. The flashing leds form the eyes. An unused resistor forms the mouth.Thanks again for having the basic tested circuit online.

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