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luvit6 years ago
hello. i made a nudder. are you around?
luvit6 years ago
you has a 33 hands. what do my blue hand means?
adgreen38306 years ago
Deb, I am very interested in your garden stone(s), I was just wondering where to get the molds?
Arbitror6 years ago
Thank you for being one of my 40 subscribers today!
DebH57 (author)  TNEN7 years ago
No problem TNEN thank you.
depotdevoid7 years ago
Deb, I can't believe you didn't win! You had so many good instructables in the garden contest, I thought you had to get something for all that effort! Oh well, better luck in the Kid's Crafts contest!
DebH57 (author)  depotdevoid7 years ago
LOL well Depot we can't win them all, I had a lot of fun with it and thats what counts. Maybe next time.
Great ibles!
luvit DebH577 years ago
i just made an instructable and got a poor rating :(
DebH57 (author)  luvit7 years ago
I went in and gave you 5 stars and a comment. Don't get discouraged, stay with it and see what you can add to make it better!
Aw, you got that username...
luvit7 years ago
what;s all this removed comment stuff? should i shoot him?
Arbitror luvit7 years ago
I think that that was an argument...
DebH57 (author)  Arbitror7 years ago
No not an arguement just a pest.