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Jan. 17, 2016
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  • DeltaBravo commented on Kreat0r's instructable A Best kept secret to Losing weight9 months ago
    A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    I've dieted like this. I lost 200 pounds in one year, safely. There was one drawback and it's important, especially for those with diabetes. I was type 2 diabetic when I started with blood sugar levels of 300 to 400 daily. When I was down 179 pounds my anxiety issues and some body dysmorphia came storming in. The trouble I was running into was called reactive hypoglycemia. So I urge anyone doing this diet, to discuss it with your doctor, and to get a glucose meter and track your glucose levels. You don't want them below 70 when fasting or you could have some anxiety, irritability and other effects.This diet is scientifically proven, good Dr. Panda and time restricted dieting. It clearly shows the benefits.The other important thing to note. If you're already in a workout routine, you still need to do a pre-workout and post workout snack.There's nothing unhealthy about this diet, lifestyle, but if you're hungry and I mean seriously hungry, then have something with a good carb, fat protein and fat balance around and take a bite, chew thoroughly and then put it aside. Listen to your body.Good luck with your weight loss and be safe regardless of the lifestyle change you choose.

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