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  • DenisF10 commented on kurtzepp's instructable BUILDING a DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE MOUNT1 year ago

    John Dobson would be proud...LOLI like the stand and you're right that the eyepiece is too low when viewing objects on the horizon. I've gotten around it with a small stool to sit on when scope is tilted low. Another thing that's handy is a way to easily level the base for which I used cabinet leveling jacks.Don't take the lack of comments as a reflection of your work. It's the subject matter that doesn't have wide appeal. I've been there. I had YouTube videos on mirror collimation and Dobsonian base modifications that drew very few views.We're a small group:)

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  • DenisF10 commented on ankur jajoo's instructable DIY Telescope's Digital finderscope1 year ago
    DIY Telescope's Digital finderscope

    It's a brilliant idea if it works. Knowing how difficult it is to center an object in the eyepiece, I remain skeptical as to whether this setup can provide the accuracy to achieve that. But, I'm stopping short of dismissing it. It's intriguing and I thank you for the post.

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  • cheap and easy high quality photo and video light DIY

    With so many shallow plastic bins on the market, maybe one could be found to replace the wood frame using your original silver background. Cheaper, lighter and less work. Might even result in a more "professional" look. Your light temperature experiment is great!

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