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    Easy Generator to Home Hook Up

    Good Job, More Cowbell! I did this (sort of) a few years ago and I have something to add. I did not have room in my main box for the interlock and breaker so I bought a 12-circuit sub-panel that was cheap, maybe $35. I had to choose ahead of time what circuits I'd want to run, but with post-Katrina experience, that was not hard for me. I won't get into specifics, but basically you power the sub-panel from the main panel with correct-sized cable. You move several breakers for what will run off the genset into the sub-panel which is powered by an interlocking breaker. The circuits can be run from the genset or from the Poco, but they are mutually exclusive. One thing that I might add, and forgive me if I missed this in reading the comments, I did not see the grounding of the genset addressed. I did see the external frame ground (safety ground) addressed and I have a ground rod and length of #6 copper to ground the frame of my 5500W portable when I need to hook to house. From all that I read, the genset ground needs to be broken if/when you hook it to your house. I cannot quote chapter and verse, but there is supposed to be one and only one ground and that is the house panel ground. I was surprised to see that none of the electricians called this out (forgive me if I missed it). That genset ground wire was easily located and I installed a heavy-duty toggle switch (50A) in the wire and mounted it onto the electrical (plug-in) panel of the genset. I then marked the ON side of the switch REMOTE for when the genset is used as a stand-alone source of power, and I marked the OFF side of the switch HOUSE for when the genset is used hooked to the house. I realize this only matters when there is a system failure, but this was advised for the use of a portable temp power source.

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