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  • DennisH45 commented on thetoolman's instructable No Weld Truck Roof Rack1 year ago
    No Weld Truck Roof Rack

    True, good point, as the zinc used with galvanized creates a toxic fume which results in a fever. Weld it outside and use a very good fan to direct the fume away. Otherwise, you'll feel like crude for a few days. I like using conduit, too, and am considering to fabricate a 38 foot truss bridge with the stuff.

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  • DennisH45 commented on thirtytwoutside's instructable Powdered Alcohol1 year ago
    Powdered Alcohol

    Metabolism and body process can and does, at time, put one drug process on hold to handle another. In the pharmaceutical or toxicological world this is called a competitive inhibitor. A classic example is treatment of ethylene glycol poisoning, which I'm not going to go further with here.

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