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  • DennisJ25 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw4 months ago
    5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw

    There is a type of pliers made in Japan sold under the Best Way Tool name that is used to remove stripped and/or broken screws especially from wood. I used them when I was a carpenter. Saved my bacon many a time because of the low quality hardware we often dealt with. I think I bought them from Duluth Trading Company. They are high quality, relatively inexpensive. Cheap at twice the price when you need them!

    Addendum to previous comment: They are called Screw Pliers I think the stock # is 95885. May be 95685.

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  • The Bayonax - when Thor meets bushcraft

    Shadow catcherClever, but if you have to buy an inexpensive hammer to modify, why not just buy a good hatchet or camp ax and be done with it. That way you still have your ax, hammer and you don't ruin a good knife.

    Wasn't trying to be snarky or anything. It's really a clever idea. Didn't think you ruined your knife. Meant that there is a chance of damaging the knife. (If continually used in this fashion) I know that type of knife is meant to be a survival tool and you needed something then, but for most people, I think having a good hand axe would be more practical.

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