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mwwdesign8 years ago
Where is Frederick MD? Or should I ask 'whom' is (Dr.)Frederick, MD? You look funky ;)
DesignerUserName (author)  mwwdesign8 years ago
Frederick, Maryland is a small city in a huge county. It's full of gross people, but it's alright. (By gross I mean..treat their kids like crap, wear clothes that look like they're 20 years old and haven't been washed in weeks, etc. But there are some nice people here...some...
Are you a nice one? You look washed, and new clothes, though I am not sure how you treat kids (:p)
DesignerUserName (author)  mwwdesign8 years ago
I treat my daughter like a princess. She's not spoiled but she gets all the love and respect she deserves. :D She's awesome. I still have yet to encounter someone like myself in this town.
That's great then, you now qualify as a 'nice one';) You're young to have a daughter?
DesignerUserName (author)  mwwdesign8 years ago
Not really. Not for the area anyway. Most girls here are parents and a lot of them are married as well. At least it seems that way from my perspective. And there a lot of teen pregnancies here. My sister and I belonging to that demographic. But I love being a mommy. It's nice to look at my daughter and know she's saying "I love you mommy", even if she isn't really saying anything at all.
Are you married, or is the father around for you both? As long as you're all healthy, happy and have a good future ahead, then all good I say! What's your daughter's name? How old is she? I guess from what you say, when you look at her, it says it all. :)
DesignerUserName (author)  mwwdesign8 years ago
I'm not married, nor is her father around. We decided it would be best to separate because the relationship was never public and we couldn't be together anyway. It was very complicated. We are still friends, and we still love each other. (We were together for almost 3 years) My daughters name is Tegan and she's 9 months old. She's adorable. I take pics when I can but I don't own my own camera. :(
How're you and Tegan going? (I don't even know your 'real' name, sorry!)
DesignerUserName (author)  mwwdesign8 years ago
My 'real' name is Mckenna though I typically go by Mo. :D We're doing great! How about you?
I'm Matt, and just go by Matt ;) I'm good :) I say 'be good, or be good at it'!
Hey some things are never easy... but worth it! :)
Subfightr8 years ago
Lookin good :) Love the hair! And the face and ... other stuff.