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  • Diane_Tampa commented on JosephR25's instructable Homemade Before-You-Go Toilet Spray1 year ago
    Homemade Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

    I believe the way it works is as follows:The oil disburses across the water's surface creating a barrier of sorts to contain the unmentionable odors below sea level while the lovely scent of the oil rises upwards towards our olfactory receptors from the porcelain throne.

    Good comment and suggestion on using orange oil! BTW-it is called a "Courtesy Flush" :-) Consider it water well spent

    I agree with using rubbing alcohol which most effectivelycarries the scent of the oil as it evaporates into the air.

    Smart on adding glycerin!! Surface tension is the mechanism that makes this work.Thank you :-)

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