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redrover956 years ago
hey Dilong_paradoxus can you help me make the part of this that looks like a hammer
Dilong_paradoxus (author)  redrover956 years ago
 It seems relatively straightforward. What, exactly, are you having trouble with?

the very tip part here are some pics of what i have so far the last one is were the part that im haveing troble with is going to connect to

Dilong_paradoxus (author)  redrover956 years ago
 Honestly, i'm not really sure. You could try finding a good picture, printing it out (possibly blowing it up first, picasa works well for that on the cheap), and laying some pieces out on the paper. Or just fiddle around a little...
ok thanks
Dilong_paradoxus (author)  redrover956 years ago
 You're welcome!
DDRGHKH6 years ago
Project BLUZZARD is the operation of making the best knex gun ever, the knex supergun, this will easliy beat all of I_Am_Canadian's Heavy Cannons.
Dilong_paradoxus (author)  DDRGHKH6 years ago
 With tons of parts? Becuause I don't have many to spare...
Well, just use the parts that you can until you can get more parts.
Dilong_paradoxus (author)  DDRGHKH6 years ago
DDRGHKH6 years ago
Hello Dilong paradoxus, it's been a long time since I last talked to you, because of Safari, I can't comment on my home computer, so I am using my grandmother's computer to write this, I want you to be part of Project BLIZZARD, yeah I know it sounds cheesy, if you want to find out what it is, post the question on my orangeboard.
Dilong_paradoxus (author)  DDRGHKH6 years ago
I'll try asking...
alfpwns7 years ago
are you in Washington State or D.C
Dilong_paradoxus (author)  alfpwns7 years ago
Washington state. Why?
on your location, it says just Washington