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romulorey7 months ago

Sir: can you please tell me how i can use my sensor light w/c is 110vac here in Manila(220Vac) w/out using step down transformer (transformer consumes electricity even the unit is idle).

thanks, Romy Reyes Manila Phil. (

Dipankar (author)  romulorey7 months ago

You will have to use a 110v Transformer, there is no other way.......

jcbelzer12 months ago


I FINALLY made it work using 4 leds---

NOT perfect--smoking resistor----but it WORKED---

A Loose Nut Behind the Soldering Iron May be the PROBLEM---


Joe Belzer

Dipankar (author)  jcbelzer12 months ago
For 220volts use 0.22uf 400 volts
and for 110 volts use 0.47uf 250volts
Resistors in both cases use 1K/half watt.
dcasten11 year ago
amehrotra21 year ago
can you please help me with diagram or pics, and help to calculate leds to be attached in series for 220 volts without using any transformer. i will be greatfull if you can draw a circut for it as i am totally new to this
Dipankar (author)  amehrotra21 year ago
See my Project SKYSCRAPER LAMP, you will find the Circuit, this is without Transformer.
Ok Welcome.please me follow?
Ok Welcome.please me follow?
i am niraj hi i too live in india, pune
i am 13
please subscribe ?
technoeng3 years ago
dear sir, i need your help to construct a LED tube light consist 100 5mm leds dual power operated (AC 220 and DC). when AC power is goes off the led load shift automatic on battery power which auto charge during AC 220 is available and led tube run on 220 VAC directly.
Please help me to prepare a circuit diagram and mail me my email address
i shall be thankful to you for this
Dipankar (author)  technoeng3 years ago
AC and DC circuit for LED's are completely different so it is not possible to mix the two types of current.
kaba13 years ago
Hey, nice job with the LED globe.
I honestly thought that it would be the winner ;)
robot13983 years ago
hi i too live in india,nagpur
i am 13
Dipankar (author)  robot13983 years ago
Hi Robot1398,
You are a bright guy,
Keep up the Good works.
With best wishes.............