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silence4449 months ago

Good morning, I was browsing some schematics and saw one on your page about a LED Tube. I have a 20m LED tube and the controller has popped. It seems that the whole 20m tube runs on 220volts DC i tried to bypass the 4 transistors which where popped, but just ended up exploding the cap on the board. Is there a way that I can get these lights to work with some basic circuitry?

Thank you very much for your time

Dipankar (author)  silence4449 months ago

I am sorry I don't have any circuits for tubes...Thanks

SaqlainS11 year ago

power led is used if of 1w then circuit diagram plz

Dipankar (author)  SaqlainS11 year ago

I am unable to understand your question.....

SureshP21 year ago

sir, can i connect half watt or 1 watt white LED for Tubelight circuit instead of regular 5mm LED. & Component are same or pls guide me for half /1 watt 230 volt circuit diagram,

Dipankar (author)  SureshP21 year ago

NO 1 watt led cannot be run on 220volt AC without a Transformer, see my Project below......

24 LED of 1 watt on 220 volt AC

SureshP21 year ago

sir i have made 30 LED 5mm 230 volt tuble light circuit . its working ok but some LED flickering occurs. but its working ok. No any component heating , also same circuit with 14 LED built in Scrap CFL Bulb holder and its working ok . It running -25 days gone. but its working very good. and this circuit used in My Gods Temple. 24 Hrs it is On . No any problem. thanks sir.

amehrotra22 years ago
can you please help me with diagram or pics, and help to calculate leds to be attached in series for 220 volts without using any transformer. i will be greatfull if you can draw a circut for it as i am totally new to this
Dipankar (author)  amehrotra22 years ago
See my Project SKYSCRAPER LAMP, you will find the Circuit, this is without Transformer.

can i use the above method for 130 LED's ? if yes, then what will be the value of the capacitor and the resistor?

Dipankar (author)  panchavatik1 year ago



Dipankar (author)  panchavatik1 year ago

For 130 LED's you need more than one Capacitor and Resistance. See my LED TUBE LIGHT.

STEP-3 TL.jpg
SureshP21 year ago

Hi sir,

i m suresh From Satara Maharashtra. I read this artical, it awesome good. one query is how to fit LED /What type of base used.Can you show the picture of Assembly of Tube light , OR For Tube Light What type of Material used as base. Pls Send us Detail Circuit diagram & Assembly photo/any Idea . My mail ID Is .. sureshjpatil@gmail.com.


Dipankar (author)  SureshP21 year ago

SureshP2, which article are you talking about, please name the article......

romulorey2 years ago

Sir: can you please tell me how i can use my sensor light w/c is 110vac here in Manila(220Vac) w/out using step down transformer (transformer consumes electricity even the unit is idle).

thanks, Romy Reyes Manila Phil. (mastering@fasdevcorp.com)