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  • DodgeD commented on wilgubeast's instructable 10 Unusual Uses for Tennis Balls1 month ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Tennis Balls

    I guess there is a use for everything in life, but these balls are just out right big and ugly! What one could do is paint them to match the surrounding colors and decor unless you want them there balls to stick out like a sore thumb for all to see.

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  • How to build an insanely bright LED flashlight!

    Yes we can thank the Canadian government for a lot of this by way of high tariffs on goods and of course the long favorite pass time " Canadians ripping off Canadians" end quote.

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  • DodgeD commented on bqanderson's instructable Adjustable Saw Horses4 months ago
    Adjustable Saw Horses

    Nice job, the adjustability is a plus, but I always have a issue with stability on saw horses, with the legs to the horizontal board.Kind of under engineered in design at those points. ( which is the most important ) There never is enough support there. There kind of good when new but then things start to get loose as you use them more and even worse in a commercial application. screws give , bolt holes elongate , glue gives out and so on even though this unit looks nice it looks pretty unsupported in those areas for good long stability over time. Do you think it will pass the rock and roll test over time ? But it is a good looking pair of horses.

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  • DodgeD commented on pat_pending's instructable Motorised Drift Trike6 months ago
    Motorised Drift Trike

    Interesting, seen this idea / built in the early 70's .and the good thing also is you have the optional heated seat at no extra cost ! cool.

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  • DodgeD commented on Fishbum Frank's instructable Teardrop Trailer Aluminum7 months ago
    Teardrop Trailer Aluminum

    nice job on the build . these units up in Canada go for a whopping 18 -20 thousand dollars just like one in the pic !

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