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Dec. 14, 2015
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  • DIY You Virtual Reality Headset - Google Cardboard

    like, I didn't need instructions on how to trace paper on cardboard. Is this a flipping joke? Now make your headset I can't even

    This cased me 10 minutes to read and decipher. First, I have no idea what A4 paper is, so the repeated request for such paper, left me baffled. So I cased only 3 minutes to try and figure it out. Second, I cased maybe 10 minutes thinking about an adhesive, which isn't double sided.. Most 'adhesive' reference to glue, so double sided adhesive is an oxymoron lastly, and this cased me the least amount of time but created the most frustration- the interesting part of the project! Making your headset! I'm so happy yours turned out beautifully, but, where are the instructions ? I feel the traced paper and the name 'cardboard' headset, will lead most people to the idea that they should adhere the paper onto cardboard and trace now, lens placement, the nose race, the Velcro and magnet placement- as well as folding the cardboard--- that's what really needed explained in this instructable

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