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  • 3D Printed In-Dash GPS Navigation - Raspberry Pi 3.

    "wOw"...! Duly impressed, here. Sheer genius to conceive it, and carry it through so (*very*) masterfully. Thanks for sharing this! Bravo!

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  • Doubting_Thomas commented on pantherj12's instructable The Edible Plant Test3 months ago
    The Edible Plant Test

    Dandelions are good for your canine as well (particularly if suffering from Addison's or Cushing's disease):http://www.wagville.com/Cushings%20and%20Addisons.pdf

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  • Arduino Voice activated lights / outlet

    Though I'd like to say "Thanks"... sadly, I'm compelled to state that this is the 1st Instructable that I have followed-through, wherin the Links provided (both for downloading the speech-recognition and for visiting your website) lead to a MalWare_Download...(?!?) I hope somebody can fix that. "Cheers".

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  • Doubting_Thomas commented on ShellSpinner's instructable Thermostat thing10 months ago
    Thermostat thing

    Looks very interesting ~ like something I could find use for (in my "retirement-dabbling") ... thanks for sharing this. I do seem to be missing a couple of details, looking-back-over things. The "2 potentiometers": any specific *values* needed? Also, what type of "temperature sensor" are you using? [And, if you wouldn't mind: could you share the critical-nature of "that jumper cable setup"...?Thanks!

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  • Crawl Space Monitor (aka: No More Frozen Pipes!!)

    Nice job ~ thanks for sharing this! [about 10 years ago, while running a new 1" pvc line from pumphouse into-the-residence...under the "crawlspace"... I added a 3/4" Carlon conduit into the trench, complete with pull-line. I expected {i.e., "hoped"} to one day add a sensor and alarm to tell me when I needed to flip the switch to turn on the heat-lamp out there. Never did get that far...(!) The conduit remains empty; but, I just might DO this, now that I am playing with an Arduino and a "Pi".

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