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  • DouglasB61 commented on Teh_Fluff's instructable Full Auto Airsoft Gun1 year ago
    Full Auto Airsoft Gun

    A battery drill will spin your turret, and a rack and pinion cocking mechanism will power a spring piston propulsion system. Saw this on a fixed barrel auto airsoft powered by 4 AA's. Spit em out but lacked the power to terminate with extreme prejudice my main quarry- flying carpenter bees (they could DODGE the bullet!

    Great minds think alike! Ryobi now makes an 18 v portable air compressor and an inflator that allegedly generate 150 psi. The inflator's ergonomics look like they would lend themselve well to a pistol grip design. will have to add an air reservoir, solenoid, ammo hopper and feed, as well as a barrel. BTW, the full size LI batteries really pack some power and I own 7 of their tools. Motors have impressive torque. A small magnet under the barrel breech should keep the bb's from pouring out and an angled feed tube from the magazine (away from the muzzle ) should help reduce back pressure into the magazine, as well as a screw cap on top of the magazine fill. Quantum leap forward- multi stage battery powered compressor that can fill PCP air guns in the field

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