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  • How to Manage Storage Spaces - MacOS Sierra

    My Mac Mini macOS 10.12 with 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD is having about an average speed. I suspect lack of free spaces and wait for an micro version of Sierra update to get things better.

    Hey, Donald.Thanks for providing this insight about MacOS Sierra. Probably, cleaning up Mac junks is simpler and quick. Thanks to Apple. Just like they gave built-in Time Machine to backup the data, similarly, they just offered the best thing to clean up Mac. Alternatively, a Mac could get deep cleaned with the help of Mac cleaner application.

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  • 5 Tips to Optimize Slow Mac Hard Drive

    What about the solid state drive (SSD)? Sometimes, changing a hard drive for an SSD will also improve the performance of a slow Mac system.I know that MBA, MB, and Mac mini comes with a flash data storage, some others like the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini have Fusion Drive, but older Macs come with hard drives (2400 or 3200 rpm). Changing the hard drive for a SSD will also give a slow Mac at least few years of more usage.

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