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  • Make a UAV for research and photography

    Absolutely right on! Agoid grief, disappointment and fines. Follow these suggestions and join the thousands of us who safely pursue the modeling aircraft and photography hobbies! Good post: Thanks!

    Nice idea but not the best choice of vehicle. Pusher prop makes desirable hand launching precarious. No need for landing gear... Just adds unneeded weight. (I have this very model and its marginal for this application.) A Radian plane and and Mobius camera would be much better. As for the parachute and catapult? Forget it! And, learn to fly first with an experienced helper. And join the AMA. Mostly, though, be very careful where you fly. Avoidable accidents endanger the model aircraft hobby as incidents are always exagerated by the media. DOZ

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  • Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!

    How about "screwballs" ..... you guys arguing bout trivial terminology is OFF TOPIC and wastes everyone's time. Most people can tell a slot from a phillips screwdriver just by looking at them; RIght?

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