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"Beautifully" evocative? As in, "ick"?

Not sure if you genuinely liked the post or are subtly chiding me and it was over my head...

BUT...as someone who likewise tends to use colloquialisms more readily, I think it's interesting that we're comfortable using more classic language in writing than in speech. For example "churlish" is such a great word.

FYI, I tend to be a "my bad" person as well (...but don't mind hearing that it's someone else's peeve).

Thanks for your comment!

Dr. dB (author)  DustandDoghair6 months ago
No-no! Not at all! Sorry if I gave that kind of impression.
("My bad"...? Nyuk-nyuk!)

I really DO love both the post AND your handle!

The post reminds us all that "polite" is not some "silly", "quaint" or "old-fashioned" notion, to be simply shunted-aside by the self-styled "hip" and/or "modern" (read: "vulgar" and/or "selfish") persons among us. ...that manners and integrity can and should actually COUNT for something in this ridiculously-hectic, all-too-often-rude world!

And, your handle evokes happy memories of the many muddy-poodle-puppies our family used to raise (miniatures and teacups), and the resultant contents of our vacuum-cleaner bags. (Always had to ransack those before disposal - First, mom needed our own "local" household contaminants, from which her allergist then refined her custom desensitizing shots. Second, one never can tell what the "vacu-creature" might've sucked-up BESIDES dust'n'dog hair... One time, she "rescued" one of her diamond rings from "the belly of that beast"!)

So, no, not chiding YOU at all, just a few of the posters, below. And mildly, at that....

Plus, I, also, have an aversion to "Whatever..." and a number of other potentially-infantile phrases, IF, as one poster stated, they're being (ab)used to deflect-away the importance of "whatever" you're trying to impart to a recalcitrant child. (Frankly, one too many instances of that sort of "lippy" (mis)behavior usually earns the kid ONE, SINGLE, STERN warning, and if it persists, is "rewarded" with either the back of my hand once, lightly, across the chops, or a short stint draped over a knee, and the old, proverbial, "...unlikely to SIT for the rest of the DAY, miss- or mister-smart-mouth!")

However, to dismiss simple, common colloquialisms as "insincere", without taking into account the attitude with which such a phrase is delivered, any dialectic and sub-cultural considerations, and the overall tone of the situation (not to mention that "...variety...the spice of life..." factor I was maundering about) is, IMHO, almost as flippant and annoying as the phrases, themselves, can be!

And, thus, another hopelessly-run-on rant from "The Dr." comes (thankfully!) to a close....
"No worries", lol! Just double checking!

I've truly been enjoying everyone's interaction (save a few)...walking the fine line between acknowledging comments and dominating the comment board :) (Trying to resist my "don't get me started, impulse.")

Thank you for your time!
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