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DB20165 years ago
Gentleman, fill me with barbecue sauce 'cause I'm dumb as hell!
DrWeird117 (author)  DB20165 years ago
Gentlemen! Where is my hairarium?

Haha, took someone long enough to get it.
hawk453 years ago
Man your mean!
DrWeird117 (author)  hawk453 years ago
You're very observant. Many thanks for stopping by my profile. It's been nigh-defunct for a long while.

Enjoy your day!
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_NativeYou're an NY native right? Check this newspaper out. Not directed at you. 
DrWeird117 (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
Wow, I remember getting a soda once from a news-stand and seeing that when I was a kid. I never saw it after that. I wonder why???

LOL, thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. How did you find that?
Yes, I wonder... I found it with some help from Wikipedia, and many "millerseconds!" Welcome to your memory.
Hello Drweird117. Why did you change your name?
I took a crap in the morning
tthomasvd6 years ago
does any1 of u know a gun to make? and post?
Mr. Muggle6 years ago
DJ Radio7 years ago
Do you like Dr. Dre?
 is that the guy who sings with eminimi
Sometimes he does, but Dr. Dre is the one who discovered him and got him famous.