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Big Bwana7 years ago
I did flag some of your Ibles as they are Incomplete, I'm not knocking them saying they are spam, because they do show some uses of a tool used in home improvements so they do have merit..... However I my view, after reading your manuals provided with your rotary tools ( I have yet to buy a oscillating tool ) the manuals I do have, they do provide basic safety requirements and information, they give a good examples of how to complete the task, and normally they have a picture of the finished product... (( and they don't look like the floor vent, just barely covering that hole, I know if I did that I would not be proud of it, infact I would pull up that baseboard and remove that piece of click lock flooring and redo it, and if I did a video of it, well lets just say this, No one would ever see it because I would use PGP to permanently delete it .. )) Your instructables just seem to be lacking information, you tell people to refer to the tool user manual and honestly you can't expect an end user to hang onto there manual forever, when you could very easily either provide a copy in PDF format or a URL link to your webpage where the manual is kept or better yet, include it with your instructable along with basic safety information .... ((( and for a user like me I would go and look at the manual before I buy that tool ))) Also in your video's it wouldn't hurt to have the tool operator wearing proper safety equipment, and show the tool being physically unplugged while changing the bit's (( the mouse print while it's all thats legally required, really doesn't reinforce how important that is )) And sorry but the vent one also showed one of my pet peeves, you don't sweep the junk left over from cutting down the vent and call it good, vacuum it out ((( Would you want your kids breathing that junk in ? ))) And I hope Dremel will be offering a few tools and accessory packs to instructables so they can run a contest, that would be more effective at increasing the popularity of this group then a few videos, and in doing this Dremel will find out some really interesting uses for there tools and accessories ..... ((( And another though, there is still several users on instructables who are technogically limited, and they don't have access to a high speed internet connection so you might want to do some picture based instructable, not just large bandwidth video instructables, however, I'm sure a contest would take care of this problem, hint, hint .... )))
whats a pgp?
>WHOMP< That was the sound of "Dremel" being smooshed under that gigantic pile of text.
I don't have high speed at home so the Video upload option was out of the question for me... (( it took me an hour to download and watch there videos )) And Ya I could of got straight to the point,and say to them "offer up a few tools and accessories, run a contest and give them away" This would turn "Spam" and "Infomercial" comments into great Ibles for every to enjoy and use and Smiles to the lucky people getting a new toy ....... um Tool ((like you would be ecstatic if they mailed you a new dremel with a few bits, I know I would be )) (( And just a tip for Dremel when they do offer up some tools, some 240 VAC 50HZ models would be nice for the instructablers in Europe to ))