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  • Drod13 commented on Scotttland's instructable Repairing Split Wood2 years ago
    Repairing Split Wood

    great tutorial. I have an antique single piece of wood carved into a pachyderm rocker for a child. Weighs close to 50lbs. The entire piece is 30"x22"x181/2". The crack is 1/4"and runs from the center of one side-back to front. It is a pretty straight crack. The piece is currently painted. I want to fill this and make any other repairs as well. Afterwards re-paint and gift away. Would I use the epoxy for this, as there are carved details I will have to match up. Use the filler with no color added? I am quite a perfectionist and have given myself ample time to educate before I attempt this. Thanks and Cheers!

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