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My wife and I love making things with wood. We build a musical instrument called a Kalimba or Thumb Piano and Wooden Barn Stars, Barn Quilts and old Rustic Signs.


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  • How to make a 24 inch Wooden Star with a 2x4

    Interlocking Flushmounts cabinet assembly fittings. The best system I have found for hanging wooden stars (especially outdoors) is pictured below. One part is mounted on the back of the star and the mating piece is mounted on the wall. Then the star is mounted by dropping it down on to the other interlocking mounting plate. You can find them on Amazon or at cabinetmakerssupply.com They are an extremely strong and stable way to mount your stars yet they can be easily removed for refinishing and rehung etc... etc.Dunk

    Here is a Star I made this week, It is a combo 36" flat star with a 21" beveled star mounted on it. The 21" beveled star has a raised 5" star on the middle. All finished in antique white, distressed and glazed.

    BobHow's it going? Building like mad I hope!

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  • How to make a 24 inch Wooden Star with a 2x4

    Two more pics submitted by my friend Tim (known as Timator below) He made a 25 inch and a beveled 12 inch and put them over his mantle. Looks super!

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  • How to make a 24 inch Wooden Star with a 2x4

    Here are some pics of recent stars I've made. First... a pair of black walnut stars, the larger is 25 inches and the smaller is 12 inches. They are finished with 7 coats of tung oil and hand rubbed between coats. The other star is a 46 inch Barn Star finished, walnut stain, dark glaze and spar varnish. The close-up shows the hand detailing of the wood surface. Hoping others like Tim and Bob will keep posting their creations and many other people will be inspired to try their hands!Dunk

    Here is the first star I ever made. It's placed over our mantle. I placed LED strip lights on the back and it make a nice halo around the star. Parts: I used TriangleT93007 LED strips and a 12v wall wort power supply and a Lerway mini LED dimmer controller. Cost about 15 dollars total on Amazon.

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