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Please check out my latest instructible entered into the Halloween Costume contest - I would love your support! Thanks so much!! Steph :) http://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Easy-No-Sew-Dog-Costume/
Plo Koon3 years ago
Dusk Shadows, i need your help. currently, i am engaged in a comment war with a different user, Kiteman. he is on my case for submitting an instructable that he thinks should be a forum topic instead.

i don't know if u have ever had any comments from him, but he is annoying. he is part of the Community team (watever that is), has a pro membership, a snobby profile picture, and has published 161 instructables.

i thot that since u were following me, i might be able to get support from u on this. the insructable title is "Halo vs. Star Wars: A Hypothetical War." it should come up if u search, "halo" "vs." "star" or "wars".

please help, but dont mention that i contacted u. i have addressed this same plea to another user, tech dawg. dont mention that either.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Dusk Shadows.
Dusk Shadows (author)  Plo Koon3 years ago
sure could u just send me the link
HMice3 years ago
Hope you like it i made it myself (it's crap cause it only took like half a minute)
Dusk Shadows (author)  HMice3 years ago
Cool! i';ve been drawing might scan them and show u
Graphics tab FTW
Dusk Shadows (author)  HMice3 years ago
Remember not a nerd *points to self* =P
Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!
Dusk Shadows (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!!
No problem, and thank you =D
Dusk Shadows (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
No problem
Dusk Shadows (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
Dusk Shadows (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago