• How to Get Rid of Tiny Black Ants in the House

    Went out to local store and found all ingredients apart from peppermint oil. I was shocked by the amount of ants in cupboard and worktops that out of desperation I put a few neat drops of tea tree oil on surfaces. One hour later my grandson commented on the strong antiseptic smell of tea tree but the ants were gone.I will seek out the peppermint oil as I assume this will make the smell more pleasant but I am astounded they have gone. Can't quite work out the reason for Cayenne Pepper but will follow the instructions and make up the spray compound.It appears that the mixture that is safe to use in a food preparation area with no toxic chemicals to cause harm although you need to follow the instructions given with tea tree oil.Will use a borax mixture outside to kill nest but thank you for this simple effective remedy that so far appears to have worked,

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