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  • Low Cost Reliable & Powerfull Laser Engraver

    I was afraid you where going to say that, 50watt that sounds pretty intimidating for a hobbyist ?Regards,Ed

    How thick is the plywood for that case and what is the max ply you can cut with the laser cutter please?Very nice project! but not cheap....... :-(Ed

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  • EdV20 commented on CyberJaws's instructable Mindful Coffee1 year ago
    Mindful Coffee

    Very well done tutorial.

    Very well done tutorial I am what you may call a Coffee snob & also a coffee roaster, I agree with all except with the fact that your porcelain filter is way too high above the cup! Ideally it should be on the cup but it could be slightly above the cup! where you have it the stream will cool off way to much before it even reaches the cup and that is a shame!You also could improve the process by teaching & watching actual temps.Regards,Ed

    I kind of figured that much (KISS) (keep it simple stupid) is a good moto for Happiness!!! and will still make a great cup of java!Keep up the good work, tell the truth about SB & the likes that that is not coffee or how coffees supposed to taste!!!Regards,Ed

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  • EdV20 commented on danielknox's instructable LoRaWAN Gateway1 year ago
    LoRaWAN Gateway

    Hi can you use this in a "Mobile situation" like a motorhome, as we live almost fulltime in one and need a better solution for our connectivity this sounds like it could be of great help in fringe area's?Great project BTW.

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