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Just a guy (Not with any company) that enjoys the Instructables and have used a number of them. Very well done with excellent variety!
  • Edcobratwo commented on Mrballeng's instructable Sea Glass Pendant7 weeks ago
    Sea Glass Pendant

    Very good instructions. I have some jem stones and polished Tigers eye rocks etc. that would look great like this. I do have a question though, I'm not familiar with the term "Sea glass." What is it and where could I to get some?

    Sorry, I did have another question, about the silver solder you mention here, is there more then one type of this? I am a machinist and the only kind of silver solder I have handled was used for attaching carbide to steel tool blocks for machining of steel and cast products and this type of silver solder had a pretty high melting point, attained with an acetylene torch to attach it to the steel block using a silver solder paste. Is the solder you talk about a different type with a lower melting temp.?

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  • Edcobratwo commented on CatLighting's instructable Acrylic Router Base Plate7 weeks ago
    Acrylic Router Base Plate

    Very nicely done. Professional look to the end product !! I must make one of these for mine.

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  • Edcobratwo commented on manuelmasc's instructable HDPE Blocks From Plastic Bottles7 months ago
    HDPE Blocks From Plastic Bottles

    I don't often comment But thought this one is really cool as well as very useful, also better for our planet then this stuff ending up in some landfill (Or the side of the road as I have seen). As for melting, rather softening, because you aren't really bringing it to a melted stage, it should be safe in the oven (IF YOU USE A RANGE HOOD TO EXTRACT ANY FUMES (NOTICEABLE OR NOT), But to err on the side of caution, if possible have a nearby window open a little for fresh ventilation.

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  • How to Make a Jumbo Leather Monkey Fist(2", 6 passes)

    I tried various places/sites where I might be able to find instructions on how to wrap, tie or make the "Monkey Fist", But didn't have any luck for this type, (The kind I wanted); so I was very pleased when I found this one on how to make it, especially since this is exactly the one, or type and method I had been looking for. Thanks; and have a great day!! - - - Ed

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