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  • EdwardCox commented on kingfish23's instructable Easiest Homemade Rock Tumbler2 years ago
    Easiest Homemade Rock Tumbler

    grit and water is added to the barrel along with the rock, as the barrel rotates this works a bit like sandpaper and smooths the rockyou start with coarse grit and work down to finer grit- make sure to thourerly clean the rocks and barrel after each stagefill about 3/4 full of rock, add enough water to just cover the rock, add some grit (google how much to use per KG) and spinfor each coarseness spin for 7 dayshope that helps!

    i can imagine that a motor would be quieter (and cheaper) than a drill, and you could probably get one from the printerif you can figure out how, the speed can be reduced with gears (im working on this, my current idea is a worm drive attached to the motor output axis linked to a gear. to attach the gear to the structure, attach a thin, sturdy stick to the rubber rod and insert this through the centre hole of the gear and then through the drilled hole in the bucket)but yeah, this is a great project- cheep, functional and easy! hopefully im going to make this as soon as i get my hands on a printer

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