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jedey2 years ago
i need help i tryed google my internet provide i keep geeting hackt evey time i change passwords o my accounts for exsample changed gmail account password i receve i text with eight nubers to my moble phone which i have to enter tp chage password i do that them about 1 min later my phone send anther text with new nubers when i try to log on to my gmail password changed not the one i just setup i have formated evey thing hard drives usb stick i though all cd /dvd i have writon cleared bios but evey accont i have it get changed to diffrent password same with user name my samsung table one night opend up the massage on it said i a hacker and i have just took my pass word out of my router then when you see all the wife spots with pad locks on all open and conected to them the hack was texting me on my table then he sent text message to my moble phone with all my account usernames and pass word then he said you dont have to tpe i useing your cam and mic on my table just talk he then opened the memo app on my table and he was texting me i never woud of beled this my son 27 was in the room at the same time he took a look becuse he said iam going mad then he started talking to my son on his tablet he all so turned all the wrighting on my phone to some sort of midde est langwig i tryed taken battey out to rest it but when i put the batty back in it was the same then i asked him why and hows is he doing this to me and my soni dont have anythig then hes said i put your phone back i was amazed i ask him how do i conts=act him again just afther that google eath opened and it zoomed stright intare address then i sad can you get into anyone compuer hes said yes phones tables i never seen enythig like this i phone the internet company to how routers were open by this time it was 4.30am when i phoned the next day they told me that at post code and street all there router were tramiting and i said dont you fin it strange at 4.30am when most people are in bed that means eveyon ein four to five street go out of bed and whent on the inter net i asked the hacker to fix my phone then it just whent back to english now if i told you this you would thik i am mad but no i dont drink or take drugs my son is 27 and has just left the army then he said if i ever need him my contacts opened up on my phone and a icon of a phone aperd in my contacts i dont koow if will get to you he maybe whaching now or read my mail i have profe plece help me i dont no were to turni just hope if you reply he doe not delte youe text and he becomes you he also shown me a web page i hope and pray you get this the site is called tweacking.com go to the very botten on the right it says my sisters links it got evry password for routers and programs to open them all i whant is for him to stop hscking me godspeeed jed