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May 23, 2016
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  • Probing and Milling a PCB using an Arduino Based CNC

    The short answers is that your milling bit is touching or stabbing your copper clad board therefore is still grounded(0 volts) once it starts probing and gives you and error message(ctr+x). I had the same problem that you had. What I did was put a voltage meter(one in the ground and one in the A5 pin) and checked the voltages. When The probe wasn't touching the pcb it read 4+Volts then when It touched the pcb it read 0volts. I hit the Test probe button and it worked fine, then I went up z+3mm in the z axis and the voltage meter still read 0volts. So I ran the probing and pressed the play button and what do you know it gave me a error message. Then I set the (Start probe At) tab to 10 instead of the default(0.5) and it fixed my problem. You see if the probe was still touching the pcb(0v) ill give you a error message because you told the program to start probing at 0.5. So basically the main problem was the pcb board was not tightly secure in its place and the and was stabbed and picked up by the probe(sharp milling bit) some few mm up. The best option is to create something that would hold the pcb tightly in place.

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