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  • ElSaico commented on aldricnegrier's instructable Mega Prusa i31 year ago
    Mega Prusa i3

    My red/black Mega is well underway! The only things left are:- Finishing the wiring on the right (tomorrow!)- Power supply (delayed buying it until the time of assembly, then lacked $)- Silicone heater (stuck in customs for God knows how much more)- Relay (only necessary with the heater anyway)- The plastic itself, of course. The first run is going to be in PLA for technical reasons (see "heater in customs limbo", above)With all that I expect my first print in a couple weeks, tops. About time, since I started to slowly import its components about five months ago...

    Next up: an equally king-sized, aluminum-framed CoreXY (probably a Vulcanus Max). But this is for much further.

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