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  • Supa-Hula (a very big hula-hoop made from plastic electrical conduit)

    Try Fiber-Fix Repair Wrap from Home Depot or Lowes. When you wet the wrap it hardens like steel. You can wrap the wet wrap around the hoop and allow to harden, thus making it a stable, durable hardened hoop. However, keep in mind that the hoop will harden like steel and therefore should be applied and set inside the room you intend to hang your canopy (in the event it is too large to fit in the door). For removal at a later date you will likely have to cut through the hoop with an electrical tool. Make sure to reinforce ceiling hooks. I'm not sure how much weight it would end up being, but worth a try. You can try a search of videos for a demonstration or commercial on the product. I originally saw it on SharkTank years ago being demonstrated. Impressive stuff.

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