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June 7, 2010
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I know my name suggests I'm a female, but I assure you, I'm not. I just thought the name was funny kind of like Ivan the Terrible, but a play on Ellen Degeneres' name.
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  • How to Build a Sailboat Rudder from Scratch

    Thank you so much for the excellent article and pics. It has been very very helpful as I built my rudder. I do believe that there was one small error. I believe that you knife edged the wrong side. Though it seems counter intuitive, the tapered edge should be on the back side of the rudder to be most efficient, and the front side simply rounded, like a wing shape. Maybe I just looked at the pictures wrong. If you wanted to be extra efficient, you would sand to a specific airfoil shape number(I didn't do this either...) I built my first blank and started planing on the wrong side (front) first (just not paying attention!) and had to laminate another blank and start over. Again, don't want to come across as nitpicking your nice work, but others will undoubtedly want to use your guide in the future and if so, can make a more efficient boat my shaping the rudder like a wing. Thanks again for posting this!

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