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  • How To Type and Talk With a German Accent

    My late Dad was German and I can relate to this so very well when my so called friends use to make fun of my accent. My Mum who is Dutch she even sounds like this I guess being married to my Dad and speaking German most times. You made me laugh that is for sure.. :)

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  • Sea Glass Fish Pendant Tutorial

    Wow. I have so much sea glass that I do not know what to do with, but I am certainly going to try this for sure. The instructions are clear and for a novice spot on. There is something about sea glass that is gorgeous. :)

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  • Handmade 100% Natural Shower Loofah

    Tarun I live in Western Australia and have been wanting to do this for what seems like ever. I only need to find where I can buy the seeds and start them off. I knew they came from gourds and after spending what was a small fortune on one from the "health shop" I thought I can do this. Now I know the process which you have made so easy, now all I need to do is plant them and do it myself. Congratulations on a well written article ... cannot wait to get this project started... :)

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