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  • EmBees commented on snikogos's instructable LED NeoPixel Motion Sensor Stair Lighting1 year ago
    LED NeoPixel Motion Sensor Stair Lighting

    Hi Snikogos,Very amazing instructable. Thanks. I also have a working test setup with 150 leds. I devide this into 10 steps of 15 pixels each. Now I am also trying to incorporate the fading effect. If possible per step (15 pixels at a time) and not per pixel.Also to overcome the "slowliness" as you mention I would like to light-up the first 5 steps as per your design (fast) and the other 5 with the fading effect. Now you have provided some coding steps to achieve this, however I am not able to get this going. Can you please share your complete function (colorwipeup /colorwipedown) for the fading effect as you tested? From there I will probably be able to resolve my issue. Thanks again for this great instructable.Marlon.

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